Molloy College Speech Language and Hearing Center

The Speech, Language and Hearing Center facilities, a dynamic place where faculty, staff and students evaluate and treat communication disorders in children and adults. The Center provides students with the opportunity to gain clinical practicum hours under the close supervision of highly-qualified professionals.

The Speech Center offers both evaluation and treatment services in the areas of speech, language and hearing. The Center is staffed with licensed and experienced professionals, certified by the American Speech Language and Hearing Association. These professionals work closely with the student clinicians who treat clients. We are here to help you!

Clinicians and student clinicians treat clients in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Consideration is given to the individual needs of the client based on developmental and neurodevelopmental issues, as well as the functional needs of the individual.

In preparation for treating pediatric clients with developmental delays and language disorders, students master principles of learning theory. Additionally, students are required to master knowledge of typical language, cognitive and social development. This mastery allows the student clinicians to shape the targeted skills.    

Student clinicians possess an extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, speech science, language and acoustics, enabling them to treat clients using a variety of techniques. Whether a client's deficits are the result of a developmental delay or an acquired neurogenic disorder, students possess the knowledge, technology and guidance to facilitate skill improvement in a supportive, nurturing environment.  

The Speech, Language and Hearing Center fosters an understanding of culturally and linguistically diverse populations. True to our philosophy of integrating theory and practice, there are many opportunities for students to work with clients from diverse backgrounds engaging in clinical, outreach and service learning activities with diverse populations.  

Who we are and what we do

  • Our staff consists of ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologists and an ASHA and AAA certified audiologist.
  • Our clinicians are students of our degree program in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology.
  • We provide a learning environment for our students wherein they provide valuable services to individuals with communication disorders under the close supervision of and collaboration with licensed and certified professionals.

This enables us to

  • Provide diagnostic services, both evaluations and screenings, to children and adults.
  • Provide treatment services to clients with an array of communication disorders.
  • Provide speech and hearing screenings and informational workshops within the community.
  • Educate clients and their families about communication disorders and how to facilitate positive changes.

Treatment groups that integrate social activity are an important part of what is offered by the Molloy College Speech, Language and Hearing Center. Learn more about the Aphasia Group and the Pediatric Group. To register for either individual or group sessions, please go here.

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