Think... Teach... Learn:  An Emerging Interdisciplinary Method of Academic and Social Cognition
May 31 - June 2, 2013; Molloy College, Rockville Centre, N. Y.

The following is preliminary information regarding the conference, including a call for abstracts. The full conference details will be available in January, 2012.

Conference Description:
Be part of an interdisciplinary and interactive conference on the interconnection of thinking and feeling. This conference invites you to share your experiences and gain practical knowledge about teaching and learning in the home, school, and workplace. Common social and societal situations and belief and value systems are explored to better understand who you are as an individual. A Sociology of the World (SOW) is examined in reference to external factors of religion, economics, academics and politics (REAP) that affect our daily lives from the time we are little well into adulthood. Presenters of all walks of life are invited to submit workshop proposals and/or poster session proposals by going to the conference website:

This conference is based on the book: Teaching and Learning: A Model for Academic and Social Cognition by Schiering, Bogner and Buli-Holmberg (2011) Roman and Littlefield, publishers. Information on the book can be found at:

Conference Objectives:
1.     Explore the emerging method of Teaching and Learning: A Model for Academic and Social Cognition (Schiering, Bogner &  Buli-Holmberg) . 
2.     To promote the global exchange of ideas, methods, impact and evaluation of academic and social cognition in teaching, learning and the workplace.
3.     Identify academic, social factors and strategies that influence the transfer and acquisition of knowledge impacting human development and achievement throughout one's lifespan.

Conference Themes:
1.     Demonstration of inter/multi-disciplinary methods of academic and social cognition integration strategies.
2.     Application of social cognitive dynamics in technology, business, sociology, economics, politics, religion, psychology, academic and healthcare arenas.
3.     Examination of specific social and/or academic issues influencing learning, teaching, the workplace and human resources.
4.     Exploration of the teaching of thinking that promotes humanistic social learning and work environments such as case study analysis, storytelling, simulation, hands-on/interactive strategies.

Who Should Attend:
Educators, HealthCare Providers, Sociologists,  Psychologists, Theologians, Politicians, Business people and Economists, as well as Special Needs Educators, Administrators, Students in all disciplines, Parents of K-16+ students, Technology and Multi-Media Specialists.

Abstract Submissions
If you would like to present at the conference, please click here for a podium or poster presentation application. Abstract deadline: November 15, 2012.

Please contact Dr, Marjorie Schiering at if you should have any questions regarding the conference.