Neal Lewis The Sustainability Institute

"Long Islanders can no longer afford to sit on the sideline, watching others debate sustainability issues. We all have the responsibility to get in the game, before it's too late. The Sustainability Institute has been created to do just that.

"It was started in April 2009 and is Long Island's first-ever venture combining sustainability education and policy analysis within an academic institution. We work to educate, to foster meaningful debate and to drive viable solutions that can help ensure a sustainable future for us all.

"What is sustainability? It's a multi-disciplinary approach to configuring society to satisfy present human needs without depleting the resources necessary for the future. This is accomplished by following environmental principals, preserving natural resources, protecting ecosystems and biodiversity, and by constructing societal and economic systems that promote social equity and use resources wisely.

"By reaching out to civic and environmental leaders, business executives, government officials, and Molloy students and the community at large, The Sustainability Institute promotes these principals and serves as 'the public square' for informed debate among people with a variety of viewpoints, ultimately driving solutions that will serve 'the public good.'

"I've been involved in issues related to sustainability, the environment and green living since 1988 and formerly headed up the Long Island Neighborhood Network. I am extremely pleased to be a part of a college like Molloy that is so deeply committed to serving not only its students, but the Long Island community as a whole."