Commencement Address 2011

Commencement 2011
Drew Bogner, Ph.D.
President, Molloy College

Molloy Graduation 2011On behalf of the Board of Trustees, faculty, administration and staff, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2011 commencement ceremony.

First, to the graduates of the Class of 2011, let me extend my sincere congratulations.

I would like to extend my thanks to the faculty for another job well done in educating this next group of Molloy alumni.

I would also like to extend my sincere appreciation to the Board of Trustees and former trustees, many who are seated on the stage, for their tremendous leadership.

In a few minutes, you, the Class of 2011, will walk across this stage, receive your diploma from me and become graduates of Molloy College.

You will join the over 16,000 Molloy alumni who have traversed this same stage before you - each with a story of perseverance and dedication, each with a story of success. But as Molloy graduates, you are a bit different from those who might enter and exit the halls of another institution.

As Molloy graduates, you are called to be Agents of Transformation, committed to building a more just and compassionate world.

You are called to live lives of significance.

A month ago, I was sitting on a stage with a group of business leaders debating the causes and ethical lapses on Wall Street that led to the Economic Crisis. And in response to a question of "what does this all mean in terms of the education of business leaders," I stated flatly that we have to redefine what we mean by the best and brightest.

The best and brightest are not the Harvard MBAs, who have a narrow definition of success, but individuals like you, who understand that success is multi-dimensional. You are the best and the brightest because:
• You have professional expertise
• You know how to get the job done
• You have integrity
• You have the commitment to see something through
• You honor and nurture relationships
• You have compassion for one another
• You strive to improve your own life while helping those around you improve theirs

Tonight, we honor one of the best and brightest - one of our own -

Eileen McDonnell -
• Class of 1984
• CEO of The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company
• Mother, mentor and change-agent

I have known Eileen for about a decade and since I first met her, I have been impressed with her ability to prioritize what is truly important in her life.

Molloy Graduation 2011When Eileen assumed the presidency of New England Financial in 2003, she was one of a handful of senior women executives in the insurance industry. Eileen was successful. She had, through her own expertise, ignored the glass ceiling. Her accomplishments were indeed significant, but her decision to set aside her career path to attend to important personal priorities was to me just as significant and momentous. At Molloy, I speak of a life of success - both personal and professional - and Eileen was and is doing just that - balancing all of the remarkable complexities that comprise a life of significance and success. Eileen will share the rest of her story with you, but I tell you this - there is no better role model for you - the graduate - than soon-to-be Doctor Eileen McDonnell.

The Best and Brightest? What is it?
• It's balance
• It's success in your career
• It's family and relationships
• It's doing something that matters
• It's helping others

As you graduate from Molloy - this is my wish for you:
Be the best and the brightest we can send forward.
Live a life of significance.

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