Student Affairs

Student Affairs is here to enrich the College experience and help you develop to your fullest potential intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

The Molloy Student Association (M.S.A.) membership includes the entire student body. Molloy's administration strongly supports the M.S.A., which makes many campus organizations and clubs possible. The executive power of this association rests with the Molloy Student Government (M.S.G.) whose members are elected from the general student body and whose jurisdiction extends to all the other student organizations on campus.

The Vice President for Student Affairs, Bob Houlihan - in conjunction with a staff of full-time personnel - serves and challenges Molloy students to develop as whole persons. The branches of the Office of Student Affairs include:

  • The Director of Athletics
  • The Career Development Center
  • The Health Services Nurse
  • The Director of Campus Life
  • The Director of Creative Student Media
  • Residence Life
  • Director for Public Safety
  • Personal Counseling Services