Research Services

We want your experience using the archives to be successful. In order to better serve you please follow all policies and procedures for using collection materials. Archival collections are, by nature, unique and often fragile. It is important that our materials are handled properly and protected so that they will be available for the future use of our community. We ask that interested researchers review the research policies and procedures provided prior to your visit.

Research Assistance

Our staff is available to assist you in using the various finding aids and inventories available, and to locate collection materials for you. Limited digital reproduction of photographs and/or photocopying services may also be available.

Fact based inquiries requiring less than one hour of research time may be answered by the staff at their discretion based on availability and other commitments. We are not able to conduct in-depth research or interpret data for researchers. Those who have information or research needs that require more than the assistance available should consider making an appointment to visit the archives or hire a researcher to do so on their behalf.

Policies and Procedures

Citation guidelines
Copyright notice
Loan policies
Photocopy and digital imaging requests
Reading room use