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School Teachers to be Trained in Environmental Issues

Rockville Centre, NY – Many of Long Island’s secondary school teachers take to the classroom today as students in an innovative program presented by Molloy College, the National Grid Foundation Teaching Green Institute (NGFTGI). NGFTGI is designed to train secondary teachers in environmental issues and to provide suggestions on incorporating environmentally focused curricula into their classrooms.

Molloy, already well-known for its expertise in professional development for teachers, will tap its Sustainability Institute staff to act as guest lecturers to supplement professors for NGFTGI. The instructors will focus on such topics as global warming and its local challenges, clean energy solutions on Long Island, and reducing toxins in your daily environment.

“The teachers who leave this institute will be prepared to inspire the next generation of environmentally active students,” said Dr. Drew Bogner, President of Molloy College. “We are pleased to be able to partner with the National Grid Foundation on a project that can transform lives and communities.”

"This is an important program that has the potential to reach thousands of students across Long Island,” said Bob Catell, Board Member of the National Grid Foundation. “We have the ability to help shape a sustainable future for all of us, and in Molloy College we have a partner that shares our commitment to education and the environment.”

Thirty teachers, many from underserved districts, are slated to participate in the NGFTGI pilot program. Those participants will be able to teach sustainability concepts and practices to over 15,000 students during the next five years.  NGFTGI will take place July 11-14. The NGF grant makes scholarship support available for all registrants.

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