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I Am Not A Savage

A one-act live-performance play on Thursday, April 4 at 3 p.m., in the Hays Theatre, Wilbur Arts Building. Contact: Marion Lowenthal, M.A., Director of Special Programs, Institute for Interfaith Dialogue and Lifelong Learning (MILL) 516.678.5000 ext. 6880 or

I am Not a SavageJoin us to view a dramatic stage play. Hear the historic conflict between the Conquistadors and the indigenous people of the Caribbean and other regions of the world and their efforts at resistance. Learn about the role the Dominican Friars played who were sent from Spain to the islands of Hispaniola in the 16th century.

Three actors will brilliantly represent persons who are experiencing history from three different perspectives, namely an indigenous woman, a Dominican friar and a representative of the monarch of western Europe. Presented by St. George Living History Productions.

  • Do not miss this spectacle
  • Professional actors
  • No admission charge
  • Voluntary contribution accepted

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