Novack's Father's Day Poem Selected

Picture of Barbara Novack Writer-in-Residence, at Molloy CollegeBarbara Novack, Writer-in-Residence at Molloy College, had her poem "September" selected by Think Long Island First as their Father's Day poem, which has been posted on their website and Facebook page.

"We are running a project called Long Island Poem for Sunday, and your poem "September" would be a beautiful and very appropriate addition for the Father's Day Sunday," said Ewa Rumprecht of Think Long Island First.



Barbara Novack

The pear tree in the neighbor's backyard
drops its crop on the driveway
with hard thumps
like baseballs hitting a mitt.
But the pears roll, uncaught.

Once my father climbed to the top of the garage
where the pear tree branches stretch over the peak
and perched there, straddling it, plucking pears
and tossing them down to me. I
caught each neatly,
brown-green balls of sweetness, small and firm,
slapping into my cupped palms
and deposited in a large paper bag at my feet.
The pluck, the toss, the catch, the drop:
we had a good rhythm that sunny September afternoon.
And when the bag was finally full and the game ended,
my father lit his pipe, set it at a jaunty angle,
and sat secure and serene
up high against the bluest sky.

The pear tree in the neighbor's backyard
drops its crop on the driveway
with hard thumps:
the pears roll, uncaught.

I stand at the kitchen window
and stare out at the branches
so high against
the emptiest sky.

Copyright © Barbara Novack.

Barbara Novack 
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