Non-Semester Housing

Periods of Alternative Housing

The periods of the calendar year which include special academic sessions (winter, summer), Spring Break, Thanksgiving Break and periods between academic sessions when the college is open but classes are not in session are considered periods of alternative housing. These periods provide special challenges as a wide variety of students (those enrolled in special sessions, student-teachers, student-athletes and student interns) may request on-campus housing.

The following is the policy which will address all possible requests received during these periods:

A.    Students enrolled in a course (3 credits minimum)
B.    Any student-worker who has received permission from the Director of Residence Life and the Vice President for Student Affairs
C.    Any student-athlete with permission of the Director of Athletics, the Director of Residence Life and the Vice President for Student Affairs
D.    Any student with "international status" (as defined by the college)

Additionally, any student who meets the above criteria will be considered eligible for alternative housing only if they:

A.    Are currently a resident student at the time the alternative housing application is made
B.    Are a student "in good standing" (i.e. has not violated college policy which has resulted in forfeiture of alternative housing privileges)

The application for alternative housing must be received by the Office of Residence Life 30 days prior to the anticipated move-in date.

Alternative housing will be available only in units designated by the Director of Residence Life. The number of available beds is limited and the number of beds available will change from alternative session to session. The college cannot guarantee a bed to any student for any alternative session.

The per-diem rate for alternative housing will be made available through the Office of Residential Life.

Supervision of alternative housing will be the responsibility of the Director of Residence Life and Residence Life staff.

If any student requests on-campus housing during an alternative session and it is not available, the student may consider one of the local hotel/motels.

ATTENTION- There are periods of NO housing. No students are allowed to live on campus during the following periods:

Date after the last final exam on the academic schedule until the re-opening of the college. The housing maintenance period, usually the middle two weeks in August. For specific Move-In and Move-Out dates, please contact the Office of Residence Life.


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