New Student Orientation 2015

You've made the right choice. Welcome to Molloy College! Some important dates for upcoming freshman events:

  • New Student Orientation is June 29 or 30 - depending on your FST course
  • Transfer Orientation is Tuesday, September 8.
  • Move-In-Day is Tuesday, September, 8

As a new member of the Molloy College community, you are no doubt excited and a bit nervous. You may also have questions about the college and your role as a student here. Don't worry! Our orientation program is the first step in beginning a meaningful and successful career at Molloy College. The program introduces you to the wide variety of resources we have to support your transition to college life and introduce you to the many academic and co-curricular activities you will enjoy.

Orientation will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Meet with faculty to discuss your curriculum
  • Attend special sessions to learn about available academic and support services
  • Tour the campus
  • Develop friendships and a support system
  • Experience #molloyife!

New Student Orientation Tips:

  • Dont forget to bring school supplies to donate to a local school in need.

  • If you're feeling shy, not sure how to introduce yourself to people, or completely overwhelmed with the sheer volume of students on campus, keep in mind that everyone is new and making friends is easier than you might think.

  •  Food and refreshments will be provided throughout the day!

  • Drink plenty of water!

  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Sneakers are recommended!

  • Ask questions!One great thing about orientation is that it gives you a wider set of resources throughout the school. Not only do you learn about the various academic and wellness services that your school provides, but you also usually meet older students who have been through it all and can serve as a mentor for you.

  • Get Involved! Participate in all the New Student Orientation Day has to offer and make the most out of the day!

  • Take advantage of social media and exchange contacts with other new students! Talk about your day! Don't forget to #MOLLOYLIFE!