Career Ambassador Bios

Andrea-Gayle Baltazar

Psychology, December '14
Andrea-Gayle Baltazar is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and has held various leadership positions around Molloy College. Andrea is currently the Chair of Events for the Career Ambassador Program and is a reporter for Molloy College Student Media. She shares her passion for the Career Development Center to the Molloy College community!


Melissa Budhoo

Nursing, May '15
Melissa is a transfer student at Molloy College majoring in Nursing and minoring in Psychology. She was previously a Student Ambassador and currently is an Eucharistic Minister during school liturgy and weekday masses on Mondays. Her main reason for becoming an ambassador is because of her instinctual drive to help others in any way she can.

Clare Dieumegard

Sociology, December '15
Clare Dieumegard is a transfer student at Molloy and is majoring in Sociology and minoring in Psychology. She became an ambassador to help her fellow peers prepare for the work field and find the job and career of their dreams. She is looking forward to her time in the Career Ambassador Program.

Olivia Green

Accounting, May '16
Olivia Green is an accounting major in the Business Honors Program.  She is a resident at Molloy and was a Freshman Class President of Student Government last year. Olivia is excited to promote the services that the Career Development Center offers to students.

Erika Irvine
Nursing, May '17
Erika Irvine is a freshman at Molloy. Erika is a nursing student, a Career Ambassador and a member of MNSA. She became an ambassador to help other students find a career they love. She is looking forward to her upcoming years at Molloy

Tatiana Rajaona
Business Finance Dec, '15
Tatiana Rajanoa is currently a junior at Molloy College and Captain of the Molloy tennis team. Tatiana came from France in August 2012 after getting an Associate's Degree in Management. She has decided to join Molloy CDC for several reasons: share experiences to students about career opportunities and to get more involved in the college campus life by contributing cross cultural knowledge and leadership.


Lindsay Plotkin
Speech Language Pathology, May '16
Lindsay Plotkin is a Junior at Molloy, who is a Career Ambassador and active in NSSLHA and Sign Language Club.  Her past two years at Molloy College have been filled with academic enrichment.  As chairperson of academic outreach for the Career Ambassador Program, Lindsay has many plans for the upcoming year helping other students find careers they love.

Teresa McDavid
Nursing, May '17
Teresa McDavid is currently a sophomore at Molloy. Her major is nursing and she became a Career Ambassador in order to help others find their career. In addition, Teresa wants to make more students at Molloy more aware of the Career Development Center and the resources it has to offer. She is also a member of Molloy Nursing Student Association (MNSA) and hopes over the next four years she can make an impact at Molloy.

William Torres
Psychology, May '17
William Torres was previously the Freshman Class President and currently the Sophomore Class President. He heard of the Career ambassador program and decided it was a great way to be involved in campus life and service his fellow students. He is looking forward to his years at Molloy and hopes to make a difference for his fellow classmates with the help of the career development center.

Diana Shorthouse
Business Management, May '15
Diana is a senior studying business management. Aside from being a student ambassador, she is also an editor for the Molloy newspaper and a volunteer at Winthrop Hospital. She enjoys helping others and contributing to the community around her. Diana is destined to assist in helping students search for their dream jobs. Diana has received assistance from the Career Development Center in the past, which is why she wishes to partake in this responsibility.

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