Career Ambassador Bios

Andrea-Gayle Baltazar

Psychology, December '14
Andrea-Gayle previously served as a Molloy College Student Ambassador and MNSA Newsletter Co-Editor. Aside from being a Career Ambassador, she is currently a staff member for Molloy College Student Media and Academic Board Co-Chairperson for Molloy College Student Government.


Melissa Budhoo

Nursing, May '15
Melissa is a transfer student at Molloy College majoring in Nursing and minoring in Psychology. She was previously a Student Ambassador and currently is an Eucharistic Minister during school liturgy and weekday masses on Mondays. Her main reason for becoming an ambassador is because of her instinctual drive to help others in any way she can.


Erika Irvine
Nursing, May '17
Erika Irvine is a freshman at Molloy. She is a nursing student, a Career Ambassador and a member of MNSA. She became an ambassador to help other students find a career they love. She is looking forward to her upcoming years at Molloy


Tatiana Rajaona
Business Finance, May '15
Tatiana is currently a junior at Molloy and a member of the Molloy tennis team. She arrived from France in August 2012 after getting an Associate's Degree in Management. Tatiana decided to join Molloy CDC for several reasons: share information to students about career opportunities and get more involved in college campus life by contributing cross-cultural knowledge and leadership.



Lindsay Plotkin
Speech Language Pathology, May '16
Lindsay Plotkin is sophomore at Molloy, who is a Career Ambassador and active in NSSLHA and Sign Language Club. Lindsay's Freshman year at Molloy has excited her for her upcoming years in college and her future career. She hopes to ignite the same excitement in others and help them find their future career paths


Alissa Guerra
Nursing, May '17
Alissa Guerra is a freshman at Molloy. She is a student in the nursing honors program and a member of the Women's Rugby Team. She wants to be some type of leader within the Molloy community, so once she heard about the Career Ambassador position, she wanted to be a part of their team, helping students with their career choices. She cannot wait to see how the Career Development Center grows over the next four years.


Teresa McDavid
Nursing, May '17
Teresa McDavid is currently a freshman at Molloy. Her major is nursing and she became a Career Ambassador in order to help others find their career. In addition, Teresa wants to make more students at Molloy more aware of the Career Development Center and the resources it has to offer. She is also a member of Molloy Nursing Student Association (MNSA) and hopes over the next four years she can make an impact at Molloy.