Feedback and Projects

Samples of Community Service Projects

  • Self-Esteem Appreciation Day
  • Recycling programs started at Bay Shore High School, Roosevelt High School and The Waldorf School of Garden City
  • Interactive workshops for over 200 middle school students on self-esteem and character development
  • Anti-Bully Carnival held at Half Hollow Hills Public Library with bully prevention information, resources and interactive displays
  • Collaboration with the Junior League of Drug Free Massapequa and LICA to implement a community workshop on substance abuse prevention and its correlation to self-esteem
  • Design of a Tumblr - INSPIRE based on real stories and real-life experiences of high school students
  • Design of an after-school club (If You Really Knew Me...)
  • Interactive movie on the IALAC "I am Loveable and Capable" Concept to be distributed online
  • School-based anti-drug workshops

"Energeia has been a place of growth for me ...  In addition to learning new skills, I was able to meet new friends from all over Long Island.  We have now grown into a close family, connected by our similar interests in community service...  Energeia was one of the most life-changing experiences I ever had.  It taught me how to venture out in my community and use my potential to really make a difference... and show other students like me that age shouldn't stop one from leaving his or her mark... everyone should be provided with the opportunity to make an impact..."
Varsha, Half Hollow Hills High School West, Dix Hills




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