There are security gates at the entrance to the library.The security gate will alarm when either entering or leaving the library with library owned materials.If the alarm does sound, please see library personnel.

In the event that the alarm does sound, the following procedure will be followed:

  • Patron of the library will be asked if he or she has any library materials from the James E. Tobin Library. 
  • Patron will be asked to present these materials to library personnel to confirm that the material/s have been checked out. 
  • The patron will be asked to go through the security gate again without the library materials to see if alarm is sounded. 
  • Patron will also be asked if they have checked out materials from another library.
  • If no alarm sound, the patron is cleared to leave the library with the checked out library materials. 
  • If alarm sounds, patron will be asked to remove all materials from their bag and go through the security gates with the bag.

Note: The alarm can be triggered by materials other than library materials, including materials from other libraries. 

Patron Services Information