Kathy Reba Director, International Education

"Studying abroad is really a life-changing event, as well as a resume builder. Students who take advantage of our global-learning programs graduate from Molloy more aware of the world that we share - and more than ready to take their place in it."Our world has become increasingly interconnected so it's become even more important for students to develop a global outlook and to demonstrate an ability to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

"Since Molloy launched the global-learning program about a decade ago, thousands of students have worked toward their degree while spending time overseas. In fact, every one of the school's curricula offers students an opportunity to study abroad.

"There are a wide variety of programs available: some are as little as 8 days or two weeks; others last for a semester or an entire year. We have freshmen who travel to France as part of our Honors program; we have education majors who do their student teaching in England; we also have MBA candidates who traveled to Spain as part of their International Business course.

"Because each trip is tied to our course offerings, there's a potential tuition refund or credit that goes along with it. That affordability factor is an important incentive for Molloy students hoping to study abroad. There's a strong commitment here, from both an academic and financial perspective, to provide as many Molloy students as possible with a global-learning opportunity."