Jennifer Roveto Secondary Education Major, Biology Minor

"My time abroad has been a true learning experience for me. I've not only learned about other cultures; I've learned about myself and become much more independent.

"As a freshman in Molloy's Honors program, I had the opportunity to go to France for 12 days as part of my courses in French philosophy and history. At first, I wasn't going. But hearing about other students' experiences convinced me to go. I'm so glad I did. It was the best experience of my life.

"Since then I've traveled with Molloy to Ireland for 8 days after taking a class in Irish film and culture and I'm signed up to go to Japan over winter break: I'll be there for my birthday! Global learning is open to all students; Molloy really encourages you to participate and works the experience into your course schedule. For example, my Japan trip is tied into a course in Japanese film and culture and nutrition, which opens it up to nursing majors, too.

"The best part is that all the global learning programs are very affordable because they can be tied into your courses. The more classes you take that fit with the trip, the less it costs you. But the trips are open to anyone who's enrolled at Molloy so even if you just take the trip alone (without fulfilling the course requirements) it still costs you much less than it would on your own or with another group. It's just an amazing opportunity.

"Not sure where I'll go my senior year, but I definitely plan on going somewhere."