Susanne Rupes Adolescent Spanish Special Education Major, and minor in Italian

Why did you come to Molloy?
I chose to come to Molloy to have the ability to travel the world, for the small class sizes and to enjoy the campus life.

What are the professors like at Molloy?
The professors at Molloy are there for you and treat you like a person not a number.

How does Molloy inspire your passions?
Molloy inspires my passions by challenging me to go outside my comfort zones and grow.

What type of internships did you take, or are looking to take?
I am looking to take an internship to help underprivileged foreign children learn English.

How is the campus life at Molloy?
The campus life at Molloy is very diverse to match all types of personalities. Activities range from academic events all the way to great themed parties.

What surprised you the most about Molloy?
I was surprised that Molloy had a Rugby team I could join, and how we are like one big family.

How is Molloy changing your life?
Molloy is changing my life by providing a great atmosphere where I can make new friends, study abroad and be involved in many clubs. Molloy helps me diversify my life and make everyday interesting.

So far, what is your fondest memory of Molloy?
I have so many fond memories of Molloy it is hard to choose just one. Many of my fondest memories are times with my rugby friends, if it's traveling to Ireland or even at rugby homecoming. I also have many great memories with my friends from my honors classes, in student government and in the classroom.