Scott Rodriguez Business Management and Administration Major

"My Molloy professors bring a level of first-hand knowledge and real-world experience into the classroom. They bring the business world to life because they've been there.

"My goal is to work on Wall Street, or to be a senior executive at a FORTUNE 500 company so I look to my professors to give me insights that I can't get from just reading it in a book. That's important to me.

"I work full-time as a public safety officer with Nassau County and attend classes at night; I don't have the time or money to waste on courses that aren't going to help me achieve my goals. Molloy fits my life. It's close to home and the schedule is flexible. The campus also has a great, diverse student body so you're getting input from different people - and because the classes are small, there's a lot of interaction.

"Molloy has helped me manage my time - and my money. The tuition is affordable and the job placement staff really knows what they're talking about. I know I'll be ready to take my place in the business world."