Samantha Novak Adolescent/Special Education major with a concentration in Mathematics

 Why did you come to Molloy?
I chose Molloy because the education department has an excellent reputation. Many of my high school teachers received their degrees from Molloy and raved about the program's excellence. Molloy also offered me the opportunity to enroll in their dual-degree program. After five years, I will graduate with a B.A. degree, M.S. degree, and a dual certification in Adolescent Education Mathematics and Special Education.

What are the professors like at Molloy?
The professors here at Molloy exceed all expectations. They are friendly, approachable, and take the time to get to know their students. My professors can easily be contacted through e-mails or by visiting them during office hours. They are committed to helping their students succeed.

How does Molloy inspire your passions?
All aspects of my academic and campus life here at Molloy inspire my passions daily. First, I am studying to become a teacher, which is my true passion.  Secondly, my extracurricular activities allow me to engage in my passions outside the classroom. Being a student ambassador and dancing on the Molloy College Dance Team, helps to inspire me to promote leadership and teamwork in all areas. 

What type of internships did you take, or are looking to take at Molloy?
As an education major, I will first have the opportunity to observe several teachers in a high school setting. During my senior year, I will begin student teaching at a high school. Both of these opportunities will prepare me for life after graduation. 

How is campus life at Molloy?
Campus life at Molloy College is alive and busy. The key is getting involved, whether it is joining a club, participating in an activity or going to an event. There is always something going on at Molloy College. I am a Student Ambassador at Molloy and a member of the dance team, which has given me the opportunity to work with and meet so many new people.
What surprised you the most about Molloy?
I think what surprised me the most about Molloy is just how at home I feel here. There are friendly faces all around, and always someone willing and eager to lend a helping hand. The friendships that I have made, and continue to make, I will cherish forever. 

How is Molloy changing your life?
My hope is that my Molloy degree will take me full circle, back to where I first learned what teaching was. My fondest desire is to return to my high school, Holy Trinity as a teacher. I want to see my students grow as people who are ready to lead the world one day. I can see myself shaping minds, not just in the study of mathematics, but in the joys and importance of self. Molloy is helping me become a teacher, not just an instructor.

So far, what is your fondest memory of Molloy?
So far, my fondest memory at Molloy is being on the Molloy College Dance Team. I have danced for 15 years and being on the dance team allows me to continue to do something I love. It showed me how to work with a group, and how to be committed and dedicated. Performing at the basketball games is a wonderful experience. I get to be a part of the enthusiasm that the student body has for our school. The Molloy College Dance Team is my second family and forever friends.