Scott Salvato Director, Campus Ministries

"We're building a community that fulfills the Catholic mission of serving others. We bring together students, faculty and our neighbors - regardless of their religious faith - in service to our campus and our community as a whole.

"What we do at Campus Ministries is help Molloy fulfill our mission of 'educating the whole person.' We give our students the opportunity to explore and build the social and spiritual aspects of their lives. We're there for them to provide support if they need it. We offer them a place just to come, talk and relax, or to explore and practice their Catholic faith.

"We also give them the opportunity to experience what it's like to give back to others. For some students, 'giving back' has been part of their faith and family life. For others, it's a totally new experience and it makes them aware of the issues that surround them. It awakens in them the reality that they're a part of a broader community.

"What's great is when they take that realization and run with it. Some of our most successful community service projects are ones that students have brought to us. It takes the enthusiasm of one individual or group to make a difference. And it's not just our students. We've had other Molloy departments start their own initiatives, or participate in ours. Our 'sponsor-a-family' program during the Holidays is our biggest campus-wide activity. It involves hundreds of volunteers, including employees, making it a true community outreach project, in every sense of the word."