Shannon Folmer History/Secondary Education Major

Why did you come to Molloy?
I came to Molloy for three main reasons. First, it is a small campus with small classes. I love that because it is a more personal experience in the classroom and I feel so much more comfortable with my professors and fellow classmates. Second, I came because of its affordability. Molloy is a quality education and it is very reasonably priced and offers programs like the ACE program and the Career Development Center which all schools don't have (I take full advantage of both these programs by the way). Finally, the last thing that made my decision to come to Molloy a no brainer was the Molloy College Rugby Football Club; I was not going to any school unless it had a rugby program. I was lucky enough to come to school that had a fairly new women's team starting off and a great coach and group of girls to learn the game with.

What are the professors like at Molloy?
The professors at Molloy are the best around. There is simply no other way to put it. They care about their students and want to see them succeed. Every professor that I have had at Molloy has helped me and encouraged me to explore all my interests. Which is part of why I want to be a nurse now. The professors at Molloy are extremely approachable and personable. You could not ask for anything more. Always willing to help and go the extra mile for their students.

How does Molloy inspire your passions?
Molloy inspires my passions because it has so many programs and ways for me to pursue all my interests. When I was second-guessing becoming an educator, I went straight to the Career Development Center. From there we went over all my interests and what I wanted to do for a career. Nursing turned out to be the best fit and I could not be happier. I cannot wait to get into the nursing program and pursue my dreams.

What type of internships did you take, or are looking to take?
I am looking forward to doing clinical once I get into the nursing program. I am excited to have hands on experience in a hospital setting with patients. 

How is the campus life at Molloy?
Campus Life at Molloy is never boring. There is always something going on! Rugby Homecoming, the annual Halloween party, Mr.Molloy Pageant, bake sales and community service opportunities. There is always something to do, and something that will fit your interests and if there are not you can start up your own club! It is awesome! 

What surprised you the most about Molloy?
The thing that surprised me most about Molloy is the Molloy community. It truly is a family here. We all look out for each other and help each other out. There are so many clubs and organizations that it is nearly impossible to not get involved in something. If you ever have a problem, there is always someone to talk to.  

How is Molloy changing your life?
Molloy is helping me pursue my career goals. I might be changing my career path but Molloy is helping me every step along the way. With helpful professors and the Career Development Center, I cannot wait to become a nurse.

So far, what is your fondest memory of Molloy?
My fondest memory at Molloy so far was in October of 2012 when the Molloy College Women's Rugby Football Club defeated Fordham to win the D3 NSCRO Championship at Randalls Island. The women's team only started in 2008 and to be able to have a championship run in 4 years is incredible. All of our hard work paid off.