Nicole DellaPorta Biology Major and Chemistry minor

Why did you come to Molloy?
I came to Molloy for many reasons. First was the small class sizes because I wanted to get the most out of my education. The second reason was to play soccer at school.

What are the professors like at Molloy?
The professors are amazing. You form bonds with your professors because there are only a few other people in your classes. They get to actually know you and this helps them teach you in the best way possible.

How does Molloy inspire your passions?
Molloy inspires my passions by providing a broad range of activities. They have so many different clubs and classes that allow me to explore my talents and figure out what I like best.

What type of internships did you take, or are looking to take?
The summer after my freshmen year I was able to get an internship shadowing a cardiologist in both a hospital and private practice setting. I will also be starting another shadowing position this upcoming winter at a new hospital.

How is the campus life at Molloy?
In my opinion, the campus life is great. I always wanted to go to a big school, but I really enjoy knowing all the people I live with and seeing all of my friends around campus. The small size helps build stronger and more durable relationships between peers.

What surprised you the most about Molloy?
The thing that surprised me the most about Molloy was how much the teachers actually care about you. You aren't just a number in the class, but an individual they want to succeed.

How does playing sports build leadership and teamwork?
Playing sports helps build leadership and teamwork skills by allowing the players to rely on each other, and develop my communication skills. To be a part of a team, you have to trust every person in that group and be able to quickly and efficiently communicate ideas. These skills will be extremely valuable later in life.

How is Molloy changing your life?
Molloy has changed my life by giving me the opportunities to become the adult I want to be. I am learning many life skills along with skills it will take to be successful in my dream profession.

So far, what is your fondest memory of Molloy
I don't have a specific memory that sticks out, but the friendships that I have made while at Molloy are the greatest part about coming here. The friends I have will be life-long, which will be more memorable than any one specific event.