Dane Leavy Mathematics Major

Why did you come to Molloy?
Although soccer was the main reason I chose to come to Molloy, education is also very important to my family and I. Not knowing what major to engage in, I knew that Molloy would present me with a good education no matter what I chose to study. The opportunity to live in the residence hall was also a big factor.

What are the professors like at Molloy?
The professors have been very helpful. Being an athlete, games and practices sometimes interfere with class, but the professors at Molloy have always helped me to succeed and have done their best to accommodate my schedule.

How does Molloy inspire your passions?
Molloy has inspired my passions both on and off the soccer field. Soccer is my true passion so it is an honor to represent my school by playing the sport I love. Not everyone gets the chance to play college sports, I am truly grateful that I have that opportunity. Off the field, Molloy helped me identify the area of study that I want to pursue.

How is the campus life at Molloy?
Living on campus at Molloy is a lot of fun. It enables me to be close to my friends and meet new people almost every day. There are many exciting programs going on, that make it easy to be involved, and create a friendly atmosphere on campus.

What surprised you the most about Molloy?
The thing that surprised me the most about Molloy is how quickly I was able to make new friends. The friends that I have made are not just your average friends. We have the kind of friendship that I believe will last a lifetime.

How does playing sports build leadership and teamwork?
Leadership and teamwork is a huge part of sports. Leadership and teamwork can turn an average group of players into a great team. No matter how good the individual, leadership and teamwork are qualities that every team needs to be successful. These skills translate directly into the classroom and I believe are a vital part of reaching your goals.

How is Molloy changing your life?
Molloy is changing my life by providing me with a quality education, putting me in a nurturing environment with good people surrounding me every day, and overall making me a more mature individual.

So far, what is your fondest memory of Molloy?
My fondest Memory of Molloy was the first time I took the field in a real game. My team and I worked hard during preseason. I was anxious to play with them in a game that mattered instead of an everyday practice. I was very nervous because I knew it was much different than high school soccer. Now, after 2 years of being a part of the team it is funny to look back my first game and how much I have changed as a player and a person since then.