Brandon Williams and Alex Hampton Nursing and Accounting Major

"It's amazing that we are both point guards, we played at the same high school and now we are starting as freshmen for the same college." Alex Hampton

"Brandon and I met at a summer basketball camp when we were in sixth grade and then we became friends at middle school and continued that friendship when we were at Baldwin High School. I love watching him play. He's fearless and plays with so much confidence." Alex Hampton

"Alex and I have been good friends forever.  We work out together and always support each other.  I like watching her play.  She's very calm and composed, and it is clear that she is in charge.

"My personality is a little different. I like to scream in the huddle to get the team pumped up, and I feel one of my main responsibilities is to bring energy to the team.

"Teams that are close do well.  Alex and I are good friends, and we try to bring that same positive spirit to our teams." Brandon Williams