Alexis Lucente Communications Major, Studio Art Minor

What is your major?
I'll be a junior in the fall, and I am a Communications Major, Studio Art minor.

How does it feel to be one of the nine winners of the National Organization of Italian American Women Program?
It feels incredible to be a winner of the National Organization of Italian American Women Program.  At first, I was hesitant to take up the chance to participate and then I figured what did I have to lose. I got the phone call while I was eating breakfast before work and started having heart palpitations. It's an incredible honor.

How did you find out about the Organization of Italian American Women Program?
I had been taking organizational communications with Dr. Janice Kelly last semester when she put me into a panic about what professional organizations we were affiliated with (boy scouts and girl scouts didn't count). She made a good point about how just simply being a member of a professional organization creates great networking opportunities. I actually took her suggestion seriously (I'm all about my future) so I Google searched some of my respective interests, and this organization came up. I was eager to join, and shortly after saw the guidelines on the website to enter the cultural exchange program.

What did you have to do to apply?
To apply I needed two letters of recommendation, one from a professor and one professional. I asked Dr. Kelly to write one, and got the other letter from my manager at Applebee's. I then had to write an essay about what being Italian means to me. There was a twenty-five dollar processing fee and an application as well.

How did Molloy's Global learning program help?
Molloy's global learning program gave me my first opportunity to go away. I remember learning about the Florence trip two springs ago during the summer before that spring. My friend, Kaitlin Meehan, and I decided it was too great of an opportunity to pass up. I paid $750 for five days in Florence, airfare and accommodations included. It was an incredible experience, and was actually my first time on a plane, and out of the country. How could anyone go wrong?  

Why would you recommend becoming part of the Global learning program?
The Global Learning program at Molloy is a fantastic way to dip your feet into the international experience; I can honestly say I don't think I would have yet to step foot on a plane if I hadn't had my first experience with Global Learning. I went back to Florence this past spring to visit friends who were studying abroad, and my previous trip made the experience this time so much easier. The program is a great way to enable students to become culturally enriched; and if traveling is something, you want to incorporate into your future career than there is nowhere better to start.

What will you being doing in Rome?
The NOIAW's cultural exchange program takes place through the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They're going to be our host for the two weeks myself, and the other eight girls are there. The programs been installed since 2007, and is used to promote good ties between America and Italy. It alternates every year; one-year nine women will visit us, and this summer, we're visiting them!