Michael Sherlock Michael Sherlock, RN, Associate Director for the Emergency Department at Nassau University Medical Center and Molloy alum

"The Molloy Nursing students made a huge difference in how quickly we were able to handle a very large accident.

"They happened to be doing their clinical work at the hospital when we received word that fifteen to twenty Kellenberg High School students had been injured  in a bus accident.  The Molloy team leaped into action, taking vital signs and generating a list of potential injuries, noting anyone they felt needed to be seen right away.

"I was so proud of the Molloy students.  Their dedication and professionalism enabled us to get these people through the system, taking a third of them time it would have with just our regular staff.

"I have worked with many students through the years, but this is the first time I have seen a group of students take part in a large casualty situation.  The Molloy Nursing students were amazing and I was reminded of the great education I received when I was at Molloy."