Amy Dittler Nursing/Psychology Major

"When I decided to go back to school after my fifth child entered kindergarten, I wanted to make sure it would be worth the effort; that it would be something where I could feel I was making a difference.

"I started by training to become an L.P.N. at Eastern Suffolk BOCES and had the most amazing experience with a teacher there, Susan Russo, a Molloy College graduate. She not only inspired me to become an RN, she was also one of the reasons why I chose Molloy.

"The other, obviously, is the quality of the bachelor's degree program in nursing here. It's one of only two I know of on Long Island. I'm getting a great education at Molloy. The professors really care about the students. They're dedicated to producing quality nurses, those who will give patients the very best care possible.

"My professors at Molloy have been so inspiring. Each one brings their own unique perspective, encourages you to think about this field in a whole new way and inspires you to want to explore new opportunities and try different things.

"Beyond classroom learning, I've also had the opportunity to do some hands-on research in the area of relational aggression and bullying in adolescents with Dr. Melissa Gebbia, my psychology professor and spent a day interviewing local Girls Scouts. It was really eye-opening. Kids are my thing, so it was a great experience.

"My goal is to become either or psychiatric nurse practitioner working with adolescents, or to get my Master's degree in nursing education . . . at Molloy, of course."