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Important Fall 2014 Dates

Note: Please make sure you are registering for the correct new student orientation day. This day is determined by which FST class you are registered in. It will determine if you are to attend Tuesday or Wednesday. If you are a parent registering for the parent's reception, please use this form.

Tuesday, August 26 orientation includes the following FSTs:

101-03, 101-04, 101-05, 101-06, 101-09, 101-10, 101-11, 101-14, 101-15, 101-17, 101-19, 101-20, 101-23, 101-26, 101-30.

Wednesday, August 27 orientation includes the following FSTs:

101-01, 101-07, 101-08, 101-12, 101-16, 101-18, 101-21, 101-22, 101-24, 101-25, 101-27, 101-28, 101-29.

As a new member of the Molloy College community, you are no doubt excited and a bit nervous. You may also have questions about the college and your role as a student here. Don't worry! Our orientation program is the first step in beginning a meaningful and successful career at Molloy College. The program introduces you to the wide variety of resources we have to support your transition to college life and introduce you to the many academic and co-curricular activities you will enjoy.

Orientation will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Meet with faculty to discuss your curriculum
  • Attend special sessions to learn about available academic and support services
  • Tour the campus
  • Develop friendships and a support system

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