Theatre Arts

Molloy is proud to offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Theatre Arts in collaboration with CAP21, "America's Musical Theatre Conservatory and Theatre Company."

To audition for the Molloy/CAP21 Theatre Program, call 212.807.0202 Ext. 21.
During their first year, the B.F.A. freshmen spend three days a week taking a variety of academic classes at Molloy's Rockville Centre campus, located less than an hour outside of New York City. The other two days of the week are spent taking classes at CAP21's Eighteenth Street, Manhattan facility. For sophomore, junior and senior years, B.F.A. students will take two days of classes at Molloy and three days of classes at CAP21. (See transportation).

Throughout their eight semesters in the program, B.F.A. students will take a wide range of performing arts classes that will include: acting, voice - both ensemble and individual - and dance.

Note: There is an additional fee of $3,000/semester to cover a portion of the studio curriculum.

Performance Opportunities
Although first-year B.F.A. students are not permitted to audition or participate in performances, they will enjoy numerous performance opportunities beginning in their sophomore year.  These performances are held both in Manhattan and at Molloy's new performing arts center, The Madison Theatre.

In their final semester, B.F.A. students may participate in industry showcase opportunities in Manhattan designed to help them secure representation as they launch their performance careers. How to Apply.