Degree Completion Program for registered Nurses

The degree completion program for registered nursing students provides advanced placement for Associate degree or diploma program RNs through either transfer of credit or through testing (see College catalog).

The student must hold the Registered Professional Nurse License in order to begin NUR 352

Grading Criteria

  • A grade of "C+" or better is required in BIO 120, 121, 245, BIO 222 (if required), and Environmental Studies (ENV 101). The same science course may be repeated one time only. (Policy implemented Fall 2011)
  • A grade of "C+" or better is required in all undergraduate nursing courses.
  • Degree completion students must have an overall 2.3 cum index prior to beginning upper division courses (300 level) in Nursing.
  • RN/DDP students must maintain a 3.0 cum index throughout the program in addition to the above requirements.
  • A grade of B- or better is required in all graduate courses.
  • Program requirements vary according to the graduate specialty track. See program's Associate Dean and Director for details.

Course Progression

All students must complete the majority of liberal arts requirements before beginning upper division courses. Liberal arts requirements must be completed prior to or concurrent with the completion of NUR 496 or NUR 499.

  • Non-clinical courses may be repeated once. Failure to pass the second time necessitates withdrawal from the nursing program
  • A clinical course may be repeated once. Failure to pass the second time necessitates withdrawal from the nursing program.
  • Failure of any subsequent clinical course necessitates withdrawal from the nursing program.
  • A maximum number of two (2) nursing courses may be repeated.
  • A student may withdraw from the same course a maximum of twice.

Skills/Competency Proficiency

RN students are required to submit a copy of current competency tests (from their agencies) to the appropriate faculty member while taking NUR 350. Students who do not have a current competency test or are not currently working in a clinical type practice are required to complete master skills check list. These modules are in the nursing lab and must be completed prior to NUR 353.

Clinical Courses

  • RN Students: Prior to clinical courses NUR 353/496 students must submit the following:
  • Current New York State License registration certificate.
  • Malpractice insurance with coverage of $1,000,000 per claim/3,000,000 aggregate.
  • Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification.
  • Evidence of OSHA training.
  • A completed Division of Nursing Physical Form. Attach titre lab sheets for initial physical only.

No student is permitted to attend a clinical experience without a completed Division of Nursing Physical Form on file. Note: The Division of Nursing reserves the right to make necessary program alterations in response to changes in professional nursing practice.

Challenge Exams/Testing Programs

  • All students are required to take standardized tests throughout the program. Academic remediation/support is required for those students who do not achieve the required test score.
  • Challenge exams may be taken once, failure to achieve national average necessitates taking the appropriate course(s). Diploma school graduates may take Challenge Examinations in the following areas: RN Assessment Exam nursing courses: NUR 139, 209, 259, 299, 329, 349, 359 (31 credits) NUR 229 (3 credits) [Pathophysiology]

Science Challenge Exams schedule and sequence are as follows:

  • BIO 245 (Microbiology) A workshop is offered prior to the test, and the exam is given every fall femester.
  • BIO 120 (Anatomy and Physiology I) A workshop is offered in January prior to the beginning of the spring semester. BIO 120 exam will be given in February.
  • BIO 121 (Anatomy and Physiology II) A workshop is offered in March and the exam is given in April.
  • Dates are arranged each semester by the biology department (Ext: 6387)

Applications for these exams may be obtained from the biology department, K108. Science challenges must be completed prior to the nursing.

All challenges may be taken only once. Other liberal arts credits may be earned through CLEP, NYCPEP, RED exams or division examinations

Number, type of course and credits required depends on transferred/challenged courses. The undergraduate nursing program builds on a foundation of liberal arts and sciences. Students are expected to complete approximately 40 percent of their liberal arts/pre-requisites prior to nursing courses.

Semester One Credits
NUR 249 Humanistic Nursing Concepts for Professional Practice 3
ENV 101 Environmental Studies 3
Semester Two
NUR 350 Health Assessment in the Community 2
NUR 351 Integrative Nursing Practice 3
General Education/Core/Elective +
Semester Three
NUR 352 Culture of Health in Chronic Illness 3
NUR 353 Public Health Issues in World Health 5
NUR 389 Nursing Research 3
Semester Four
NUR 496 Leadership Management 5
Core or Electives +

Nursing credits = 24
Residency credits = 30
Total credits = 128
(Core and science/liberal arts prerequisite courses

Please refer to the Undergraduate Course Catalog (PDF) for more details about this program.


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