Normadeane Armstrong

  • Why I Love Teaching at Molloy College

    I love teaching at Molloy College because each day is different than the last and each student is amazing in his/her own way. 

  • Academic Interests
    • Nursing
    • Freshman Studies
    • CORE
    • Global Health and Education
  • What I am working on
    • Fulbright Specialist Roster Member - The Fulbright Scholar Program and Humphrey Fellowship Program Council for International Exchange of Scholars.
    • Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH) mentorship program- Global Health mentor
    • New York State Medical Reserve Corps- Suffolk County Division
    • Co-Chairperson for the Mt. Sinai Community and Health Awareness Committee
    • Founding member of Congressman Tim Bishop's Breast Cancer Advisory Board
    • American College of Nurse Practitioners:  Summit Planning Committee, Research Committee and the Education Committee
  • Educational Philosophy

    My philosophy is reflective of my education, values, personal and professional growth. As an alumnus of Molloy College, I believe that the education I received both on the undergraduate and graduate level has helped form the foundation of my practice. I believe that a strong liberal arts education exposes students to a variety of subjects that require different approaches to learning, not only providing students with a rich undergraduate experience but a strong foundation for graduate study as well. To make this possible, we need to engage students in their learning and maximize the potential of each and every individual. Teaching should provide students with opportunities to be challenged and succeed. As an educator, I try to facilitate my students' curiosity, creativity, communication skills and critical thinking.  As a member of the Division of Nursing, I share in the goal of integrating theory and practice within a framework of ethical decision making.  I am an advocate for education through study, active discussion and participation. I view each student as an individual and honor their different learning styles and abilities with sensitivity and respect. I try to be an example and share my own views and experiences and how I have changed as a person and continue to grow.

  • Educational Background
    • Ph.D. International Health - Touro University International: Summa Cum Laude
    • Adult Nurse Practitioner Certification-S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook
    • M.S. in Nursing- Molloy College, New York
    • B.S. in Nursing-Molloy College, New York
  • Additional Information


    Nursing Spectrums: Nursing Excellence Award: NY/NJ Division

    Luminary in Environmental Health. The Luminary Project

    New York State Senate Woman of the Year: First Congressional District Nomination

    Town of Brookhaven: Woman of the Year in Healthcare

    Stony Brook University: Distinguished Alumni Award

    Cherokee Uniforms Inspired Comfort Award

    New York Times Tribute to Nursing Award

    NPWH Inspirations in Women's Health Award


    International Presentation: Latent manifestations in the US 40 year old Congenital Rubella Syndrome (CRS) Population: 14th International Congress on Infectious Diseases, March 2010

    Tri State Presentation: The Health-Related Quality Of Life In Mothers Of  Surviving Deaf-Blind Adult Children With Congenital Rubella Syndrome: Eastern Nursing Research Society, March 2010.

     International Presentation: The Latent Manifestations of CRS in the United States Population: Deaf-blind International, Italy 2009

    National Presentation: Immunization and Surveillance: American College of Nurse Practitioners, New Mexico 2009

    National Presentation: Immunization Preventable Diseases: Mayo Clinic: Rochester, Minnesota: 2007

    International  Presentation: Congenital Rubella Global Surveillance-Panel of Experts: Pan American Health Organization (PAHO): Washington DC: July 2006.

    National Presentation: Rubella and It's Implications: Mayo Clinic: Rochester, Minnesota. August 2006

    National Presentation: Latent Manifestations of Congenital Rubella Syndrome. Boston National Advanced Practice Conference. NPACE. Boston, Massachusetts. December 2004.

    Tri State Presentation: Rubella: Implications for Health Care Providers. New Jersey Department of Human Services: Division of Deaf and Heard of Hearing. September 2004.

    Chairperson and presenter for "The Many Faces of Rubella". An International Symposium consisting of researchers from eleven different countries, members of the CDC, WHO and PAHO. March 2005.

    Favorite Books

    7 Summits: A Nurse's Quest to Conquer Mountaineering and Life by Patrick Hickey

    Why a nursing major makes sense for you

    Today, nursing is in an exciting place. Nursing enables individuals to positively impact all parts of society while offering diverse positions from traditional hospital settings to global opportunities.




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