Bryan Clark

  • Why I Love Teaching at Molloy College

    Coming from a large public university, I have a true respect for the intimate setting of Molloy College. The small classroom size and availability of technology allow for an exciting and effective method of teaching. Students no longer exist as numbers on a roster, but instead become characters in an interactive gameplay of ideas and knowledge.

  • What I am working on

    For the past five years, I have focused on the development of efficient and robust algorithms and high-performance software implementations for dynamic surfaces, mesh optimization, applied computational and differential geometry,  biomedical engineering, computer animations, and climate modeling, with fellow researchers Dr. Xiangmin Jiao, Dr. Ying Chen, Dr. Volodymr Dyedov, and Dr. Duo Wang. Visit the Numerical Geometry Group page for more information.

  • Educational Philosophy

    Memorization is the failure to obtain true knowledge - successful teaching should invoke complete understanding and promote the beginning of new, original ideas.

  • Educational Background

    Dr. Clark graduated with High Honors from Adelphi University's Honors College in 2007, earning a B.S. in Mathematics from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.  In 2009, he earned an M.S. in Computational Applied Mathematics at Stony Brook University, from the department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics and completed his Ph.D. in Computational Applied Mathematics at Stony Brook University under the supervision of Dr. Xiangmin Jiao in 2012.

  • Additional Information

    As determined by student evaluations and faculty, Dr. Clark received the award for "Outstanding Teacher" from Stony Brook University in 2010, and the more advanced "Excellence in Teaching" award from Stony Brook University in 2011 and 2012.

  • Publications/Presentations
    • D. Wang, B. L. Clark and X. Jiao. An Analysis and Comparison of Parameterization-Based Computation of Differential Quantities for Discrete Surfaces, Computer Aided Geometric Design, Vol 26,(5) pp. 510-527, 2009.
    • X. Jiao, B. L. Clark and N. Ray.  Surface Mesh Optimization, Adaption, and Untangling with High-Order Accuracy, IMR. TBA 2012.