The music program at Molloy College in Nassau County, New York is grounded in knowledge and quality instruction. We provide you with a curriculum that develops a thorough knowledge of theory, music history, style, technique, sensitivity and music expression. With our multi-dimensional learning experience, you will flourish and grow professionally and personally.

We believe that as a musician, you deserve the highest quality of professional training in the field, which will effectively contribute to your greater knowledge, finer skills and musical perception. Our dedicated faculty will show you how to develop, not only as a listener and performer, but as a scholar, as well. This will be accomplished through research, interpretation, analysis and criticism.

At Long Island's Molloy College, we create an atmosphere perfect for quality, individual instruction and advisement. Our faculty is knowledgeable and accessible and their commitment to you ensures not only your success in the program, but in your future career, as well. We will:

  • Provide a curriculum that reflects the current trends in music, music education and music therapy
  • Give you the opportunity to perform in a series of musical events
  • Encourage you to play local venues in New York where you can showcase your talent

Molloy College music department is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM).

The South Shore Symphony, based in Rockville Centre, is now in-residence at Molloy College, performing in the Madison Theatre.


Academics By The Numbers


Students earned 128 certifications

via our dual certification programs


Student retention rate

among the nation's highest rate


of our education students earned their

NYS teaching certification


Students earned

their degree last year

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