Faculty Bio

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Debra Upton, Ed.D.
Associate Professor and Chairperson
Co-Advisor: Math and Computer Science Club

Bryan Clark, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Robert Gordon, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Director of Computer Science and Information Systems

Natalie Hammerman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Manyiu Tse, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Co-Advisors: Math and Computer Science Club

Jason Schanker, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Part-Time Faculty

Kristin Anglin

Michael Alesi

Ronald Cavallaro

Mary Joan Collison

Kathleen P. Conway

Lawrence DiFiore

Marie Fischer

Maria Flood

Leslie Gilbert

Martha Green

Vincent Grillo

Christine Healey

Peter Hollenstein

Christi Kalinoglu

Leslie Kellner

Nancy LiVolsi

Lucia Magnolli

Kirk Martin

Monica Martin

Ethel McKenna

Michael Olivo

Kelly Perno

Richard Schiller

Susan Shenkman

Roberta Silver

Claudine Vacirca


Anne Fisher
Administrative Assistant