Major in Computer Science

Computer studies introduces students to the concepts and applications of computers and prepares them to effectively utilize computers in their respective fields and subsequent careers.

Goals and objectives of Computer Science (CSC)

  • To enable the student to explore a problem from different perspectives.
  • To give the student a background in programming that permits him/her to move from a language they know to an unfamiliar language.
  • To provide the student with an understanding of general underlying concepts in order to prepare the student to keep pace with a rapidly-changing field.
  • To prepare the student for a career in the computer field.
  • To provide the student with sufficient background for graduate study in the field.

Goals and objectives of Computer Information Systems (CIS)

  • To provide students with the skills to analyze, design, implement and manage large-scale information systems.
  • To prepare computer majors for careers and/or graduate work in systems analysis and design, communications networks and web development.
  • To enable all students to acquire knowledge and skills in information technology necessary for career success.

Goals and objectives of Computer Proficiency Courses (CSP)

  • To develop the student's proficiency in using personal computer hardware and software through hands-on experience. To offer a variety of one-credit computer application courses so that departments may select a combination of courses more appropriate to their particular discipline.

New York State Registered Program Code: 86099

HEGIS Code: 701.00 {Computer and Information Sciences, General}

Computer Science - B.A. Courses Credits
General Education Requirements: courses listed under General Education Requirements - (41 credits needed) See Note:

Arts and Fine Arts (2 out of 3 disciplines) ART/MUS/COM


English and Modern Languages (1 of each discipline) Language; and Modern Language/Literature

Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 out of 4 disciplines) HIS/POL/PSY/SOC 9

Math and Science: Science course lab course in BIO, CHE or PHY preferred.


Philosophy, Theology and Ethics (1 of each discipline): MAT 326 preferred.


Physical Education: PED

Core Course: COR 4
Major Requirements (minimum of 36 credits): 36
CSC 100 Computer System Introduction 3
CSC 120 Programming I 3
CSC 121 Programming II 3
CSC 229 Discrete Mathematical Structures 3
CSC 235 Java-Object Oriented Programming 3
CSC 244 Data Structures 4
CSC 323 Assembly Language and Systems Programming 3
CSC 330 Operating Systems 3
CSC 340 Computer Architecture and Design 4
CSC 491 Capstone Seminar 1 6
Complete at least 6 additional credits* from the following: CSC 200-, 300-, or 400-level courses *
CIS 224 Introduction to Database Management *
CIS 255 Computer Ethics and Security *
CIS 326 Advanced DB Management *
CIS 339 Networks I - Local Area Networks *
CIS 340 Networks II - Wide Area Networks *
Related Requirements 15
MAT 221 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I 4
MAT 222 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II
Complete either** MAT 225 or MAT 361 (MAT 225 preferred)
MAT 225 Statistics for the Natural Sciences **
MAT 361 Probability and Mathematical Statistics **

MAT 228 Topics in Discrete Math for Computer Science Majors

MAT 232 Introduction to Linear Algebra 3
FST Requirement  
FST 101 College Experience (If required) 0-1
Electives (under consultation with advisor) 35-36
Total: 128

NOTE: The General Education requirement is 44 and has been adjusted to 41 because the following Related requirement will also satisfy the general education requirement: MAT 221.

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