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English Department Contact Information

For information about the English programs, give us a call at 516.323.3260, or 516.323.3261, or email rkinpoitner@molloy.edu. The chairman of the department, Robert Kinpoitner, Ph.D., is most happy to answer your questions and guide you through the program requirements. He is available most Mondays through Fridays from 7:15 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The department administrative assistant, Trisha O’Neill, is also available for assistance Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and can be reached by email at poneill@molloy.edu.

Faculty and their phone numbers are:
Stephen Albanese, M.F.A.   516.323.3297
S. Alice Byrnes, O.P., D.A.   516.323.3268
Margaret Byrnes, M.A.   516.323.3274
Kristin Campanella, M.A.   516.323.3260
Elseah W. Chea, M.A.   516.323.3260
Kathleen Conway, D.A.   516..323.3263
Richard Conway, M.A.   516.323.3263
Francine Desposito, M.A. 516.323.3260
A. Nicholas Fargnoli, Ph.D.  516.323.3181
Dana Fasciano, M.F.A.   516.323.3938
Juliette Fernan, M.A.   516.323.3270
Valerie Griggs, M.F.A.    516.323.3295
Michael J. Herman, M.A., M.S.   516.323.3260
Damian Ward Hey, Ph.D.   516.323.3264
Maryann Howell, M.A.    516.323.3298
Mark S. James, Ph.D.  516.323.3269
Claire Joseph, M.A., M.S.   516.323.3260
Pamela Kenley-Meschino, M.A.   516.323.3296
Robert Kinpoitner, Ph.D.   516.323.3261
Jeffry Massey, Ph.D.   516.323.3266
Jacqueline Nenchin, Ph.D.   516.323.3149
Barbara Novack, M.A.   516.323.3273
Deidre Pribram, Ph.D.   516.323.3241
Anthony Price, M.A.   516.323.3260
Stuart Radowitz, M.A.   516.323.3260 
Virginia Russell, Ph.D.   516.323.3267
Timothy Ryley, M.A.   516.323.3260
Mary Salvia, M.A.   516.323.3260
Marjorie Schiering, Ed.D.   516.323.3151 
Pamela Smith, M.S.   516.323.3294
Maureen Stea, M.A.   516.323.3804 
Irene Steinman, M.S.   516.323.3260
Barbara Young, Ph.D.   516.323.3260


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