This course is designed to introduce the Spanish language to the student for travel, business purposes or for everyday communication skills. Emphasis is on conversational skills. Spanish culture will also be discussed.
Required textbook: Latin American Spanish, Juan Kattan - Ibarra, McGraw-Hill Publishers. Appropriate for all ages. CEUs
Instructor: Evelyn Rodriguez de Martucci, M.S., Bilingual; Special Education Teacher, New York City Department of Education
Course Number: LA-0501
Tuition: $250
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American Sign Language

Principal techniques of communicating with the deaf, signing, finger-spelling and developing use of practical conversational fluency. American Sign Language (ASL) is visual rather than auditory.
Psychology of the deaf is stressed. Class participants will interact with the hearing while simulating deafness. Ideal for health care workers, security personnel and others that deal with the public. No previous knowledge required. CEUs
Instructor: Kathleen Quinn, B.S.
Course Number: LA-0601
Tuition: $215
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Spanish for the Healthcare Provider

This introductory course is intended to provide healthcare professionals with the ability to understand and communicate in Spanish. Learn to communicate in ‘real' situations. Basic vocabulary related to healthcare and grammar structure will be reviewed. Content will cover the following:

- Greeting the patient
- Obtaining background information
- Basic medical vocabulary including parts of the body
- Interviewing skills
- Vital signs
Course Number: LA-0505
Tuition: $225
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