Paralegal Certificate Program

Career opportunities for paralegals in both public and private employment are increasing. In addition, legal issues represent an important aspect of virtually every profession.The best preparation for a position as a paralegal is a Bachelor's degree and appropriate coursework in legal topics. Molloy College offers a paralegal certificate to students who have either completed their degree at Molloy or another institution or are currently enrolled in a degree program at Molloy College.

The Molloy College paralegal program increases the student's appreciation for the importance of law in our society, prepare students for advanced study in law and for employment as a paralegal or legal assistant.

Coursework is offered in a variety of areas from six different academic disciplines. Courses are offered in both day and evening classes. A number of one-credit courses are included to facilitate student scheduling needs. The program allows you to customize your studies to fit your overall career goals and objectives.

Entrance requirements and admission
Candidates, at the minimum, should have completed an Associate's degree or the equivalent to be considered for admission. A Bachelor's degree is suggested and those candidates without a bachelor's degree are strongly urged to complete their Bachelor's degree first. Candidates need to complete an application for admission and be interviewed by the program director. Click here for an admission application, call 516.323.3550 or e-mail

Program requirements
Students who have completed their Bachelor's degree will qualify for a Paralegal Certificate with the completion of 24 credits in legal studies as outlined below. These courses may be taken on a non-credit basis. Candidates who have earned a Bachelor's degree at a different institution may transfer and apply a maximum of 12 credits toward the satisfaction of paralegal certificate requirements. Due to the changing nature of the law, transfer credits must have been taken within the last five years.

Required courses:
CRJ 103 Introduction to Legal Studies for 3 credits
CRJ 302 Legal Research and Writing for 3 credits

Elective Courses:
18 credits for a total of 24 credits

*Sample elective courses include:
BUS 240 Business Law 1 for 3 credits
BUS 241 Business Law II for 3 credits
CRJ 280 Criminal Law for 3 credits
CRJ 281 Procedure Law for 3 credits
CRJ/SOC 283 Law and Society for 3 credits
CRJ 204 Torts for 1 credit
CRJ 205 Contracts for 1 credit
CRJ 206 Evidence for 1 credit
Other elective classes may be taken with permission of the Pre-Law Advisor.

Course schedule and plan of study
Courses are offered every semester: fall (September - December), spring (January - May) and summer (May/June-June/July) in the day and in the evening. You may start your studies at any time and, unlike many other paralegal programs, you may select the number of courses to take each semester that best suits your schedule. Click here for the current schedule of classes.

The schedule of classes comes out in our catalog which is mailed twice a year (January and July) to students who have made an inquiry or registered within the last 6 months. However, the most up-to-date scheduling information can be found on the program webpage. We will also email you reminders of the upcoming schedule if you have provided us with an email address. Request a catalog or join our mailing list.

Tuition and registration
Non-credit tuition is $165 per credit or $3,960 for the entire program. If you are taking this program on a non-credit basis you will be informed of the registration procedures upon your acceptance. If you are a Molloy student taking this program for undergraduate credit, please consult with your advisor concerning tuition rates and registration. If you are a transfer student interested in taking the program for undergraduate credit, please contact Dr. Chris Sullivan at 516.678.5000 ext. 6136 or by email at .Molloy student taking this program for undergraduate credit, please consult with your advisor concerning tuition rates and registration.

If you should have any questions or need more information on the program, call 516.323.3550 or e-mail

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