New Media Minor

Required Courses

COM 244 - Online Content Production
Introduction to digital media creation and design.  Students will create and edit their own websites, including web pages, videos, online resumes and ads.  Students work together and independently to create visual and written content and to critique online projects.


COM 246 - Civic Engagement With New Media
Digital media are at the center of a powerful intersection of business interests, technological capacities, and information flows.  Users of the Internet as well as digital content creators are personally responsible for their ethical behavior on the web.  This course analyzes civic engagement and technology empowerment through various issues connected to new media usage and activism.


COM 309 – History of Digital Media
A survey of the history of web-based media and technologies in the digital information age. The course examines the transition from television to social media and peer-to-peer media technologies, beginning with MTV and CNN through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


Plus 3 other COM courses (9 credits), 200 level or higher, selected in consultation with advisor.

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