Course Offerings Winter 2015

COM 211 - Gender and Communication
Study of the complex ways in which communication, gender and culture interact. Exploration of the ways gender is socially constructed and how one's verbal, nonverbal, and mediated communication affirms or challenges prevailing gender standards. Students will participate in research and oral presentations on gender-related topics. 
3 credits

COM 243 - Introduction to New Media
Introduction to the rapidly changing field of new media, including web, videos and webpage design, podcasting, blogs, online communities, videogaming, and other aspects of the virtual world. The course examines these new technologies in terms of their social and communicative impact. 
3 credits

COM 244 - Online Content Production
Introduction to digital media creation and design.  Students will create and edit their own websites, including web pages, videos, online resumes and ads.  Students work together and independently to create visual and written content and to critique online projects. 
3 credits