Course Offerings Summer 2015


COM 210 - Public Speaking
Experience in the preparation, design, and delivery of oral presentations, including an understanding of audiences and settings. Attention will be given to techniques of informative and persuasive speeches. Emphasis on the development of professional presentation and speaking skills.
3 credits

COM 211 - Gender and Communication
Study of the complex ways in which communication, gender and culture interact. Exploration of the ways gender is socially constructed and how one's verbal, nonverbal, and mediated communication affirms or challenges prevailing gender standards. Students will participate in research and oral presentations on gender-related topics. 
3 credits

COM 213 - Intercultural Communication 
An exploration of global and national multiculturalism, focusing especially on communication processes. Designed to give students the knowledge to become effective communicators with people from diverse international cultures and American co-cultures.
3 credits

COM 229 - Experience in Corporate Communications
This introductory course examines important corporate communication areas, such as internal and external forms of communication and considers the ways in which mass media and new technology have influenced how we communicate. In addition, particular emphasis is focused on the development of writing, speaking interpersonal, team and leadership skills.
3 credits

COM 243 - Introduction to New Media
Introduction to the rapidly changing field of new media, including web, videos and webpage design, podcasting, blogs, online communities, videogaming, and other aspects of the virtual world. The course examines these new technologies in terms of their social and communicative impact. 
3 credits

SUMMER SESSION 1 (6/1-6/25)

COM 311 - Shakespeare (also ENG 311)
3 credits

COM 452 - Television Production Practicum
This course allows students to build on the field- and studio-production skills learned in COM 252, COM 256, and COM 352. Students will stage, light, shoot, direct, and edit an entire program, providing a more complex understanding of the processes involved in television production. Prerequisites: COM 252 or COM 256, and COM 352 or permission of the chairperson.
3 credits


COM 468-469 - Communications Internships
An opportunity for semester or summer involvement in selected professional and/or business organizations, including television networks, public relations departments and other appropriate concerns. Students will be supervised by department personnel and by cooperating personnel in the organization to which they are attached during the internship.
3-6 credits