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Theology and Religious Studies
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Academic Standards and Requirements

When you take a general education course in Theology and Religious Studies, you will be able to describe and critically assess historical, scriptural, ritual and doctrinal aspects of Theology. Take an ethics course in Theology and Religious Studies and you will be able to explain and apply ethical method. Earning a degree in Theology and Religious Studies will give you the knowledge to:

  •   Explain selected passages of the Jewish and Christian scriptures in the context of historical, literary and theological criticism
  •   Explain the fundamental beliefs and rituals of Christianity and how they developed historically
  •   Demonstrate theological method in a major research paper.

General Education Requirements

All undergraduate students are required to take a 3 credits course in Theology and Religious Studies. The only courses that fulfill the Theology general education requirement are non-ethics courses. The general education requirement for an ethics course may be satisfied by THE 278, THE 279 or THE 288 and course 505 for dual-degree nursing students.

Students taking an interdisciplinary studies concentration in theology and religious studies must select courses in consultation with the department chairperson.