Grading Criteria for Progression

  • A student must have an overall 2.5 Cumulative Index prior to beginning Nuclear Medicine Technology courses.
  • A grade of "C+" or better is necessary for all required Nuclear Medicine Technology major courses and science courses.

The following policies apply when a student attains a grade below "C+" in NMT courses:

  • NMT courses may be repeated one time. Failure to attain a grade of at least "C+" when taking an NMT course for the second time will necessitate withdrawal from the Program.
  • Clinical NMT courses may be repeated once with the permission of the Program Director. A subsequent failure to achieve a "C+" in any other clinical necessitates withdrawal from the Program.
  • A maximum of two NMT courses may be repeated within the major. On the third failure to achieve a "C+", the student will be removed from the Program.
  • Students who have been withdrawn due to academic failure may not be readmitted to the NMT Program.