Research Seminar

The Biology, Chemistry and Environmental studies Department hosts monthly Research Seminars during the semester. Everyone from all departments and outside visitors are welcome. Seminars are held in the Reception Room, Kellenberg Hall.

Please contact Dr. Mary Kusenda or Dr. Noelle Cutter for more information.

BCES Research Seminar Schedule for Fall 2013

Thursday October 3, at 3:30pm - Dr. John Tanacredi from Molloy College presenting the significant strides in research using Horseshoe crabs. 

Monday, October 28, at  5 p.m. - Justin Lee from NYU's MD, Ph.D Program presenting his computational model for is the evolution of the genetic code: How is it possible that a near-optimal code became so universal?

Friday, December 6 at 3 p.m. - Dr. Azad Gucwa from Long Island University at Post presenting her research on Endocytosis in cancer cells. 

Research Seminars for the Fall 2012 - Spring 2013 year

Friday September 28 - Dr. Megha Rajaram a post- doctoral fellow from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory presenting her research on the Functional genomic identification of multiple targets for inhibiting tumor-promoting fibroblasts

Friday October 19 - Dr. Keerthi Krishnan a post-doctoral fellow Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory presenting her talk on Demystifying the brain

Tuesday, December 11 - Cindy Thomas-Charles a graduate student from Stony Brook University. Presenting her research on the feoB Ferrous Iron Uptake Pathway Contributes to the Intracellular Survival of F. tularensis LVS

Thursday February 14, 3:30 p.m. - The highly esteemed Dr. Luis Martinez an Assistant Professor at C.W Post College presenting his research on the application of nitric oxide-releasing nanotechnology for treatment of cutaneous infections.

Tuesday March 5, 5 p.m. - Katie Liberatore a graduate student from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories presenting her research on plant reproductive traits with relevance for increasing crop yield.  Professional Panel to follow.

Tuesday April 2, 3:30 p.m. - AnnMarie Tores, a Graduate Student from Stony Brook University presenting her research on T cell responses to Salmonella.