Pre-Professional Studies

Will there be a doctor in your house? Molloy College has your prescription for success.

Molloy College offers you a sure way to jump start your medical career. We have the undergraduate courses you need, presented in a challenging, rewarding environment. Whether you pursue a career as a dentist, podiatrist, veterinarian or chiropractor, you have to start at the beginning and Molloy College offers you the best foundation for your medical future.

You will meet with a health professions advisor who will guide you through your studies and nurture you toward success. Our goal is to provide a high quality, multi-dimensional education that takes you to the threshold of a successful career in medicine. We've got our finger on the pulse of pre-medical/health professions studies at Molloy College.

Come to Molloy College for a firm Pre-Law foundation

Order in the court! Our pre-law courses are supplemented with a series of workshops and symposia aimed at developing proficiency in the art of the argument and the exchange of ideas. You will have a pre-law advisor who is accessible and will work for you - with your best interests and a bright future in mind.

With our program, you will become proficient in both written and spoken communication - essential skills for a future lawyer. You will be directed into a planned course that will prepare you for the study of law.

At Molloy College, our pre-law advisors are available for both counseling and advisement. They are committed to your success and possess the knowledge and insight to guide you. There's no argument - they are committed to your success.

Come to Molloy College and start your legal future. We rest our case.