Barbara Schmidt

  • Associate Dean and Executive Director of the Molloy College Speech, Language and Hearing Center
  • Division: Social Sciences
  • Department: Speech-Language Pathology

Educational Philosophy

A faculty member at Molloy College since 1988, Barbara T. Schmidt has done research in the areas of cognition and reading. Her research interests are in the neuropsychological and cognitive-linguistic mechanisms involved in oral and written communication and is particularly interested in the cognitive mechanisms that facilitate successful reading. She has taught a variety of courses. In addition to being Dean and a Professor in the Speech-Language Pathology Department, she is a practicing speech-language pathologist who is a member of the adjunct medical staff at Winthrop University Hospital. She has made international presentations on dysphagia, communication and aging, and on the linguistic factors influencing normal readers.

Educational Background

Ph.D. Speech and Hearing Sciences, The Graduate Center, City University of New York

M.S. Speech-Language Pathology, Adelphi University

B.A. Psychology, Adelphi University

Additional Information

Examples of Courses Taught

  • Reading, Language and Psycholinguistic Models

  • Disorders of Communications

  • Cognition and Psycholinguistic Models

Academy of Neurogenic Disorders

American Speech-Language and Hearing Association

International Dyslexia Association

New York State Speech-Language and Hearing Assoc.

Society for the Scientific Study of Reading

Creativity segment one
Professor Dr. Barbara Schmidt discusses creativity.

Creativity segment two

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