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Q. How do I search all library resources at once?

A. You can Search everything from the searchbox located above on this page, on the library's home page and on various locations throughout the library website, as it is designed to search through most of the sources we have available in the JET library. It can search for books, ebooks, journal articles, encyclopedia entries, newspaper articles, videos, pictures, research guides and more, all in one convenient place from one simple search. Since this is the default action of the homepage searchbox, so long as you are on the Combined Results tab, all you have to do is simply type in two to four keywords or simple phrases to get started.

Q. How do I find search for articles only?

A. Click on the Articles & Ebooks tab from the Homepage Search Box

Q. What if I only want to search for books or videos? Or I want something I can physically check out?

A. Click on the Books & Videos tab from the Homepage Search Box

Q. How do I find an individual database from the search everything box?

A. Click on the databases tab in the Homepage Search Box. Select Databases A-Z. 

Q. How do I find an article from a citation?

A. Type the full title of the article in quotes into the search box.

Q. How to I save searches to a book bag?

A. Select the item. Then click Add to Book Bag. To view your book bag, select the book bag icon in the right hand corner of the page. Choose the item you searched for and then pick Export Selected, Email Selected or other options.

Q. How do I export to Refworks?

A. Select the item and then click Add to Book Bag. Click on your book bag in the right hand corner of the page. Choose the item you searched for and select Export Selected, Format Refworks, and Start export to Refworks. Unfamiliar with Refworks? Click here to learn more about it.You can also export to ProQuest Flow if you sign into it first.

Q. How do I chat with a librarian within search everything?

A. Click on the "Ask Us, Need Help" icon on the right at the top of the page to chat with a librarian live. Please note this service is only available during regular library hours.










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