Vicki Toale

  • Professor
  • Division: Humanities
  • Department: Theology and Religious Studies

Why I love teaching at Molloy College

The atmosphere is respectful and conducive to innovation and learning.

Academic Interests

  • Integral Theory                

What I am working on

  • The higher levels of consciousness as they are represented in the areas of spirituality
  • Integral Spirituality, Integral Christianity and how they correlate to ethics and behavior in general

Educational Philosophy

I'll show you what's in my pocket so you are not afraid to look into your own.

Educational Background

  • BA  Math Molloy College, NY
  • MA Math Manhattan College, NY
  • M.Div  Immaculate Conception Seminary, NJ
  • D.Min.  Graduate Theological Foundation, ID

Additional Information

Any major at Molloy is supported by a firm foundation in the Humanities and hopefully gives context and intention to all fields of study.