Elisa Rapaport

  • Chair and Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Division: Humanities
  • Department: Philosophy

Academic Interests

  • Applied Ethics (especially medical and business)
  • Emotion Theory
  • Personal Identity

Educational Background

Dr. Elisa Rapaport received her Ph.D. as the George F. Hourani Fellow in Ethics at the University at Buffalo, SUNY. Before Dr. Rapaport began teaching at Molloy College in 2007, she taught philosophy at the University at Buffalo, SUNY Old Westbury and Medaille College. She is interested in the social and personal motivations that prompt emotional response, reasoning, and ethical decision-making, particularly in the health care setting. She has written on personal identity, communitarian ethics, fetal homicide, Kant's ideas on reproduction, and moral agency within religious bounds.

Additional Information

Courses Taught at Molloy:

  • Medical Ethics (graduate and undergraduate)
  • Honors Ethics and Bioethics
  • Logic and Critical Thinking
  • Women & Philosophy